1958-59 Paul Osbourne, Jr.  Walker College
1959-60 Paul Osbourne, Jr. University of Alabama
1960-61 James Gamble, Jr. University of North Alabama
1961-62 Edgar B. Rose Auburn University
1962-63 Edgar Weldon University of Alabama
1963-64 Bob Smith Auburn University
1964-65 Dennis Bryant University of North Alabama
1965-66 Bob Snellgrove Auburn University
1966-67 Fred Koehn, Jr. St. Bernard College
1966-67* Bob Snellgrove Auburn University
1967-68 Steve A. Means Auburn University
1968-69 Mike Gravette University of Alabama
1969-70 Emmett Blocher, Jr.  Samford University
1970-71 John Roberts Auburn University
1971-72 Lowell Addy University of South Alabama
1972-73 Tim Wright Samford University
1973-74 Mark Adams Auburn University
1974-75 Randy Tucker Walker College
1975-76 Ronald Rabon G.C. Wallace State Jr. College
1976-77 Craig Snellgrove Auburn University
1977-78 Mike King Walker College
1978-79 James Smith University of Alabama
1979-80 Cheryl Hyche University of Alabama
1980-81 Jerald Hyche University of Alabama
1981-82 Jerrel Ivey Auburn University in Montgomery
1982-83 Randall S. Williams Auburn University in Montgomery
1983-84 Jim Lanning University of Alabama
1984-85 Susan Powell Auburn University
1985-86 Richard E. Russell University of Alabama
1986-87 Tammy Moore Gadsden State Community College
1987-88 Paul Johnson Auburn University
1988-89 Donnie Grill University of Alabama
1988-89** Matt Brown Jacksonville State University
1989-90 Bob Addy Auburn University
1990-91 Jay Copeland Jacksonville State University
1990-91*** Sharonda Williams University of Alabama
1991-92 John Shaffer Auburn University
1992-93 Chad L. Champion University of Alabama
1993-94 J. Denise Sisk Walker College/ University of Alabama
1994-95 J. Michael Silas University of Alabama in Huntsville
1995-96 Tracy L. Lewis University of Alabama in Huntsville
1996-97 Danielle M. Kirkland UA/University of Alabama at Birmingham
1997-98 Jason R. Scott Auburn University
1998-99 Kevin R. Whisenant University of North Alabama
1999-2000 Karen Paez Auburn University
2000-2001 Paul Agnew Spring Hill College
2001-2002 Amy Garrett Huntingdon College
2002-2003 Brad Beard Auburn University
2002-2003**** Kara Gonzalez Huntingdon College (Current)


*  Bob Snellgrove filled the unexpired term of Fred Koehn, Jr.
**  Matt Brown filled the unexpired term of Donnie Grill.
***  Sharonda Williams filled the unexpired term of Jay Copeland.

**** Kara Gonzalez is currently filling the unexpired term of Brad Beard



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